Thursday, 29 January 2015

A Great Day.

Hi Everyone, it's been SOOOO long since I've done a post.  I have had such a crazy couple of months and am excited to be back to my blog.

I thought I would have my fist post back be a recap of a great day I had.  This week my lil' sis came back to Ottawa for a visit.  Last summer lil' sis moved to London ON.  She's made a pretty awesome life for herself there, but London is about 7 hours away from Ottawa so I haven't been able to see her since she's moved. 

Since she was only here for a couple of days, and she had friends in the city to see I got to hang out with her all day Tuesday. 

Lil' sis has been missing/craving some of the awesomeness that only Ottawa has to offer so we made a morning of hitting all the places she's been missing.

We dropped the hubs off at work (so we could use the car) and then started our 
Super Day of Fun.

We had breakfast at Wild Oat.  A vegan/vegetarian cafe/bakery that lil' sis used to work at and has been craving for a while.  While it's not my first choice for breakfast (I LOVE bacon) it is still a yummy place to eat. Lil' sis got the traditional breakfast (eggs, hash browns, toast and homemade jam), while I got a crepe stuffed with ricotta cheese and blueberries.
She's just so happy to be at the Oat

Once we were fully charged we headed over to La paradise a cooking supply store that lil' sis loves and has spent way to much money time at.  After watching her "browse" for what seemed like forever (it was probably more like 30 mins) we we headed out.

We headed over to Suzy Q's doughnuts a Ottawa staple that she has been craving for months to pick up some yummy treats.
I couldn't wait to get to the car, I ate half a doughnut on the walk to the car

We grabbed a movie from Jumbo Video (yep they still exist) picked up a movie, hit up my favourite sushi restaurant for lunch and then back home for some jammies and a movie marathon afternoon.
It had been a long time, and this was soo good

Movie time with the lil' sis

It was a short visit and while I still hate how far away she is, I loved getting to spend the day with lil' sis.

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  1. Hi Erin glad you had a lovely day with your sis. Hope it's not too long before you have another lovely day