Friday, 17 July 2015

A Long Overdue Update

Oh my it has been FOREVER since I have done a post. 

I went off on Sick Leave in the middle of May and I had this thought that I would have so much free time, where I would be able to just blog, clean, prepare food and rest before the baby shows up.  Turns out however that while on sick leave I mostly just rest and spend A LOT of time in bed.  I have managed to get some food prepared for the freezer and I recently got a helper who comes over once a week to help with meal prep and light cleaning.  But otherwise I have given my Netflix a real workout.

I have managed to do a couple of fun things in the time that I have had off though.  The baby's room is all ready (missing only a couple small things that aren't a big deal), the Hubs and I went one day to the Experimental Farm where I was very excited to play with the goats, and I have caught up with some friends.

But mostly I have spent my time resting in bed (which doesn't make for very exciting blog posts).  But I am now over 38 weeks pregnant and everyone is guessing I will be delivering early (which I am more then OK with), so hopefully I will have a lot more exciting things to write about soon.

Here are some pictures of what I've been up to the last month and a half. 
My amazing work threw me a baby shower.  I was a big fan of the theme

Mmmmm strawberry shortcake at my work shower (this cake caused a 2 week craving once)

The goats are ALWAYS my favorite

The Hubs playing with a sheep

A large batch of French toast for the freezer

Sushi dinner catching up some girlfriends

The Important thing is to Live Life with Hope – Boy Meets World

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