Sunday, 16 August 2015

She's Finally Here...

It has been a long and difficult process but I am happy to report that after 9 (very long) months Little Miss is finally here in the world. 
I will be writing my birth experience in a follow up post and it stayed true to how my pregnancy went. Which means it was an exciting and complex event.  
But for now I'm happy to report that Little Miss was born exactly 1 week late at a very healthy 9lbs 10oz.  And while the Hubs and I are very much missing our sleep she has been a pretty calm and low maintenance  baby.  If she would just get the hang of breastfeeding and not scream every time she sees my nipples (it's starting to give me a complex) she would be perfect.
But either way I'm very happy to meet the little girl that has been causing me so many issues for the last 9 months, and am so very happy that she is much more chill on the outside.


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