Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Two Months, What Happened?!?

Oh my it has been a really long time, the Little Nugget has just turned 2 months old.  While scrolling back through my photos I am shocked at how much she has changed.  It makes me excited to see how she is going to change in this month. 

Parenthood has been NOTHING like I was thinking it was going to be.  I have learned so much about myself in the last 2 months.  I found out that I pretty much have NO idea what I am doing and am just winging it every day.  And that while I love her so much (and miss her if I am away from her for a couple of hours) I still really like my own time, which I usually take while she is napping.  And she has already started developing her own personality with likes and dislikes.  She REFUSES to breastfeed, she is more then capable (and I have seen many professionals for this) but she doesn't want to.  You can make her freak out just by holding her like you are going to feed her and once I was able to do it just by asking her if "she wants some boobies"???  She LOVES watching Friends (yup I have used that so I can keep her calm so I can get dressed or something done, and I'm not even a little sorry).  She likes it when you read to her and you can make her smile just by saying "where's my smiles"?  And possibly the most valuable skill I have found was actually learned in university;  using your brain and functioning with little to no sleep.  The Little Nugget has gotten into a pretty good sleep pattern she doesn't always stick to it and there are some days where I get almost no sleep the night before.

With the ups and downs that I've had these last 2 months it has been an exciting ride and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

2 Months

*      She is smiling on command
*      Spends her mornings laughing and cooing
*      Sleeps from 9pm-5am (if fed a "sleep" bottle around midnight)
*      Loves sucking on her hands (hasn't found her feet just yet)

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