Thursday, 23 October 2014

It Was a Sad Day in Ottawa.

Picture belongs to CBC

October 22nd was a sad day here in Canada. It was the day that an unarmed solider was shot at point blank range just feet from our nations capital.
The gunman then calmly proceeded to parliament where he was shot and killed by the Sargent of Arms.
Federal buildings went on lock down and cell networks were jammed with people trying to contact friends and loved ones. 
Very fortunately there was only one fatality (a side from the shooter). While a very sad and stressful day we were lucky and myself am very grateful that it wasn't a lot worse.
The response of the Ottawa police, RCMP and Canadian Military was very impressive and the media coverage along with their (armed forces) response to the situation helped me feel calm in a situation where we knew little information. 
In the after math of this there has been a lot of media reports about the shooter being an Islamic convert. But PLEASE don't become so scared of another attack by some crazy separatist that you link all Muslims into the same category of extremists.
Being understanding and compassionate is what helps define Canada and Canadians. One mans senseless and selfish agenda should not alter that.
A BIG thank you to all of our men and women in the forces that work everyday to help keep us safe.  I am sorry you lost a comrade yesterday. To Cpl. Nathan Cirillo's family I'm sorry for your lost.  Thank you for your sacrifice. To the Ottawa police and RCMP thank you for all of your training and daily duties that help keep us safe and for your quick response to yesterday's events.

RIP Cpl. Cirillo - Picture is from CBC
It was a stressful/emotional day yesterday but let's remember what makes us Canadian and strive to keep those values. Let's not let one asshat change who we are.

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