Sunday, 19 October 2014

Our First Thanksgiving (in our new home)

Last weekend was Thanksgiving.  Normally we go up north to some cabins and spend time with the Hub's family.  It is a weekend that the Hubs looks forward to every year.  We go on long walks surrounded by beautiful nature, spend time with family and eat A LOT of food.

However this year we unfortunately we couldn't make the annual trip.  The hubs was a bit disappointed but also understands that as we settle into our married life here in Ottawa, that sometimes we might have to miss some traditions (though we won't be making a habit of missing traditions).

By not going to the cottages this year that left me with the responsibility of doing Thanksgiving dinner.  Now I have never made a turkey before.  A few years ago (before we were married) the Hubs and I hosted a Christmas gathering for my family.  But he cooked the turkey, while I graciously entertained everyone (and taste tested the wine).  But the since the Hubs was already missing his annual Thanksgiving tradition I didn't want to have him miss out on a yummy Thanksgiving turkey.

We didn't know until the last minute that we wouldn't be able to attend the cottage Thanksgiving, and we did not have a turkey ready to go.  So 2 days before our dinner we went to the grocery store and were very lucky to find a small fresh turkey.  We decided to have our dinner on the Saturday so that we could just relax the other 2 days off. 

Friday night I made (again for the first time, I was feeling very brave this weekend) homemade pumpkin pie.  It was soooo easy and I can't believe that I have waited so long to try it out.  I used a super simple recipe found here. The other desert I made was caterpillar cake for the Hubs.  He looks forward to it every year so I knew he would be excited about it.

Saturday morning after drinking coffee and laying around for a little bit I put the turkey in the oven at 12pm (we were shooting for a 4pm dinner time).  I used a meat thermometer, and hoped my calculations were correct and I had timed my dinner correctly. 

Well it turns out all of my worrying was for nothing, because our dinner was a huge success.  We didn't have a lot of people over but our friend M ate about 3 plates (plus took some home which he also ate that night). 

It wasn't the usual Thanksgiving, but it felt really nice to still be able to celebrate with family and friends and to remember all of the good things we have in our life.

What I am thankful for:
My loving husband
Our beautiful new home
Both of our families
Our friends
My job
And being able to help other

It's definitely not perfect but I am very blessed with the life I have.

PS. my favourite part of Thanksgiving dinner was the boys cleaning up afterwards.

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