Monday, 30 March 2015

An apology and an announcement.

I have been the WORST blogger over the last few months.  I was starting to gain a following and then I just dropped the ball.  I am making the resolution to turn around my blogging and at the very least set aside 1 hour a week to write a post.  I have LOVED blogging, I find it so therapeutic.  There are many times that I will start writing a post and am upset about the content of the post, but, by the end I have found the positive in a situation that I previously saw as only negative.

That all being said though some of you already know why I have been such a shameful blogger, and I thought it was time to put out an official announcement.  The Hubs and I are EXPECTING!!!
We were pretty excited about this, but it hasn't been the easiest pregnancy so far and that is why I have been such a slacker.  But I am at the 22 week mark and have been feeling better (though that could be relative since I still seem to have lots to complain about).  So with my new goal (of once a week minimum of blogging) and my feeling better I am sure you will be hearing more from me.

Here are a couple pics of me and my growing bump.

20 weeks

20 weeks (please ignore my messy bed)

22 weeks (again with my messy bed, I promise I do make it)


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