Friday, 3 April 2015

Pregnancy, Seriously?!?

Ok I'm calling it, pregnancy is not at all the magical ride I was thinking it was going to be.

Now I admit that I have not been kissed by the pregnancy gods and have had a rather tough go at it, and I have had friends who's pregnancy has been a wonderful and beautiful thing.  If that has been you, then take it from me, you are one lucky lady (and I am so very jealous of you).
This post is not going to be an ode to the joys of pregnancy, it's more about calling bulls***t on this notion that it is always a beautiful time in a women's life. 

The hubs and I were really excited when we found out that we were pregnant, we had been trying for a very long time (and had been under the care of a fertility doctor) and I was at the point where I was starting to think it might never happen.  However the joy was a little short lived because before we had gotten all the confirmation tests/ultrasounds back saying we were in fact pregnant and everything was ok, the vomiting started.
Ahhh Dec. 8th the day that will live forever in my memory.  I had a massive deadline at work that had a bunch of problems with it.  So while I was trying to be a team player and help out I was also getting sick about once an hour for the next 9hrs at work.  I called the clinic and they prescribed me some diclectin (a awesome and safe anti-nausea meds for pregnant women). 

Now I am very confident that the diclectin did in fact help with the "morning sickness" (seriously who named it this?  Worse Name Ever!!!) it really just turned it into bad morning sickness.  On the maximum dosage (8 pills a day mixed with gravol at night) and a part time work schedule for a couple weeks to rest, I still made 2 trips to the ER for fluid IVs, and was still sick multiple times a day. 

Thankfully by about 18 weeks my nausea was controlled with just 2 diclectin a day (YAY no more puking) and I had started gaining weight and most of my food aversions were going away (Though I still can't eat veggies raw like before).  I was so happy, now I will be able to really enjoy my pregnancy I thought.

Hahahaha what a foolish thought.  I started getting severe back and leg pains.  I did a little research (and talked to my midwife) and figured out that regular massages and a walk during the work day significantly reduced the pain.

Alright back in business of this beautiful miracle that is creating life.  Which I did get to enjoy for about 2 days and then an awesome (unknown to me pain) started happening.  Now I won't fully go into details but lets just say it's very similar to being kicked in the lady business.  I was expecting this type of pain but I thought AFTER the baby was born.

Now at 23 weeks preggers and starting to figure out how to make the lady pain less (so that I don't waddle when walking or yelp in pain from lifting my leg - which is feet up and lay down instead of sitting) I am excitingly awaiting my next super awesome pregnancy symptom.

For all the women out there who have had the Hollywood blissful pregnancy, rejoice in this fabulous time in your life.  For everyone else, take heart this too will pass (you can't be pregnant forever even if it feels like you are), and know that you are not alone in this.  Heck you could even send me a message I might have already had your symptom and might know a trick to dealing with it. 
But please if you are one of the lucky ones don't tell us how great your pregnancy has been.  We know that you don't mean anything by it at all and you are trying to understand our misery but with uncontrollable hormones, and constant pain/discomfort you might accidentally get punched. 

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