Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Mother's Day, a bittersweet time

For the last couple of years Mother's Day has been a bit of a sad day in our house.  It's been 2 years since the Hub's mom passed away just after Mother's Day.  Then on top of that it became a annual reminder that we were having fertility issues.

This year however we have a little joy to mix in with our sadness.  With my due date about 2.5 months from Mother's Day weekend it seemed like a good year to bring back a little happiness to this weekend.  And I definitely got my happiness wish.  The hubs surprised me with a Strawberry shortcake that he had carved into an M, and a card from him and "the baby".  It was such a sweet gesture (especially since I had been craving  strawberry shortcake for about 2 weeks).
In the morning we got up and went to a super yummy Mother's Day brunch.  I LOVE breakfast buffets so it was great to get to do that.  I ate my share and the baby's share.  I thought by the end the Hubs was going to have to roll me out.  I was so stuffed.  But really is there anything better then a happy, full pregnant lady??

I know it was a really hard day for the hub, and I'm really grateful for the effort that he put into showing me a fun day.

To all the mom's out there (however you identify with being a mom), hope you were able to also feel special.  And to all the moms who are no longer with us, we miss you a lot.


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