Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Budgeting, my struggle

Budgeting is something that I struggle with constantly.  I love playing on Pinterest and whenever I see budgeting tips I usually give them a read (though I never save them to look at again later).  And I have found some pretty good tips.

Things like buying deli ends from the deli department instead of fresh cut.  You can usually get a large Styrofoam plate (our local metro cuts them up and puts them on a Styrofoam plate) of good meats (I always skip the ones with loaves or baloney on them) like the Cajan chicken, roasted turkey and salami.  I have gotten enough ham (the yummy black forest kind) for a week of sandwiches for 2 people and a quiche for about $3.00.

I also try to follow a cash budget.  By taking out cash for all of our needs each week I find that we are much more conscious of our spending.  I also find that this really helps up distinguish between "needs" and "wants", something both the Hubs and myself struggle with.

But even with all of my little tricks and knowing that I like having a buffer in our bank account I find that they are too many times where I just say "F** the budget" and I over spend.  My guilty pleasures are takeout food and shopping.  (Both of which I have a weekly budget for so as to not completely deprive myself).  But I find that after a couple of months I get annoyed with constantly having to be cautious about my spending and I like to go a little crazy.

This of course does not help the budget and it really doesn't help our bank account.  Plus then after the fun I have of shopping I end up feeling guilty and down for a couple of weeks for spending the money.

But even knowing this I struggle with breaking this cycle.  Which makes me feel like I am stuck to continue this annoying cycle for ever.

For now I guess I will just have to keep working at staying on budget maybe after some time it will feel more like second nature and not like a bit of a chore.  And truthfully I do get really excited when we have money leftover at the end of the week or I am able to get something I really want at a fabulous price. 

Does this happen to you?  What are some of the strategies that you have  to help yourself stay of budget.

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