Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Bagel Storage

I spend a ridiculous amount of time on Pinterest, seriously I will come home from work and just mess around for hours.  

Some of the things that I have tried have been a great success and some have been a  spectacular failure. 
So to help others with my mess ups I thought that I would post my success or failure with Pinterest here, just look for the tag Pinterest Test for the complete list.

For the first test post I thought I would do the one that I have seen a few times under "Life Hacks" which is using a CD or DVD spindle case to store and transport your bagels.

Where I work we use A LOT of CD's and DVDs, it's how we deliver information to our clients, so we always have these cases laying around.
Large spindle (holds 100 DVDs) holds 4 bagels perfectly
Small spindle (holds 25 CDs) holds 1 bagel perfectly
I have to say they are working GREAT!!!  The small one is perfect for transporting my daily bagel to work and the large one (I just got it this week) hold 4 perfectly.  I was finding that the plastic bag they come in sits against the bagel and makes them a little soggy.

I think that if you have access to the CD spindles and like bagels you should give this a try.

Plus it's great to find a use for something you would normally just throw out.

Have you every found a alternative use for regular office supplies?

Test Results = Success

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