Monday, 23 June 2014

It's been a while...

Hi Guys, wow it has been a long time.  Things over on my end have been a little crazy, but crazy in a good way.
The hubs and I have officially moved into our first home and I am LOVING IT!!!!!

We had a couple friends come over the other weekend and help us with some painting.  We didn't do too much just the hallway, guest bedroom and master bedroom.  It was great to have friends over to help.

The hallway, we painted it grey

Upstairs hallway, this is a better shot of the grey

We painted the master bedroom a light blue, sorry this is a bad picture

The guest bedroom, the stripes were a little tricky but it's only on 1 wall.

Then the next weekend it was my friends Bachlorette party.  It was pretty far away (6hrs) but I am the Matron of Honour so into the car I go just a couple of days after our move, and it was a great time.
Nothing too flashy just out to dinner and then drinks at the brides house.  But it was a good time with other ladies and I hope K had a good time also. 

Only a couple more weeks till the wedding.  I can't wait to celebrate this happy occasion with K.

Between all of this excitement the hubs even had time to fit in a new tattoo. 

So that's it.  A really short post about why I have been so MIA.  Hopefully things will slow down a little and I will be back.  But not too slow, I still need to have stuff to write.

See you all soon.

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