Monday, 2 June 2014

May TopBox

Every month I get a little surprise in the mail.  It's my monthly Topbox. 
Topbox is a monthly beauty service that delivers " luxe box of beauty samples for you to try out in the comfort of your home."
For about $15/month I get to try out about 5 sample and quite often full size products.  I have been signed up for a little less than a year and I LOVE getting my little present every month.

For anyone who is interested in checking out what they are all about go to Topbox

Each month before they ship you your monthly present you get an email asking you to review your box from last month and they show you the "special" boxes that are offered.  You can choose a special box or stick with the regular box.  The special boxes are not guaranteed but I can say if I choose a special box I usually get it. 

For May I choose a "special" box and was happy when that is what I received.  I picked the Cake Volumizing dry shampoo and Brilliance finishing spray
What Topbox had to say about it:
"Instantly cleanse, volumize and glamify hair!
use on your second day, or freshly washed hair, our unique PRISM ­ SHINE TECHNOLOGY will leave your locks shimmering with a luminous finish and stand­out shine" - $22 for full size.

What I have to say about it:
I wash my hair every other day and so I use a LOT of dry shampoo, so when the oppurtunity to try something other than the Tresemme dry shampoo I was pretty jazzed.  The smell was great, a vanilla sugar smell.  But the actual product didn't do anything for me. I used it on my bangs and within an hour they looked all greasy, and were splitting apart into 3 chunks.  Not really a look I was going for.  I think I will just use the product right now to make my hair smell yummy, but I will be sticking with my Tresemme for a dry shampoo.

Would I repurchases: No

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