Sunday, 29 June 2014

My Week June 23-29th

This week has been an overall great week.

This week I started acupuncture for fertility.  The hubs and I have had a couple of road bumps with trying to get our family started.  All our tests come back OK so before we have the doctors really intervene we thought we would try a couple 'natural' remedies.
I had heard good things about acupuncture so I thought I would give it a try.  My first impressions is hmmmm ok, let's see what happens.  I am not totally sold on it, but I am going to give it a few months and pray for the best outcome.

My office building had their tenant appreciation BBQ lunch this week.  Last year I was off so I missed the BBQ and was really excited to try it this summer.

A veggie burger, Greek salad and potato and bacon salad
 I have to say it was pretty tasty and a really fun way to break up the day.

This was the first weekend I spent in our new house.  Last weekend I was away celebrating my good friend's last few nights of singleness.  While I was away the Hubs unpacked about 80% of the boxes.  While it was great to come home to a semi done house, I really wanted to spend a day hanging out in my house.

To kick off my first house weekend the Hubs did up some BBQ.  He had a grilled steak and I decided to try some grilled Marlin.
Grilled Marlin with cabbage salad and tomatoes
It was pretty tasty I will have to give it ago again.

My plans for a lazy Saturday in the new house were not exactly fulfilled.  After a relaxing massage and a semi-stressful trip to the grocery store.  I came home and unpacked a few boxes.  However after all that excitingness the Hubs and I decided to swing by the apartment for one last passover, to collect the last of the mail and to give it a bit of a tidy.

Well weren't we surprised when we showed up and the locks had been changed.  Seemed like a funny thing since it was only June 28th and the management people had made it clear that we were paying a full month of last months rent (when I said that we had movers coming in the middle of the month), to which I replied that was fine I would keep the keys and return them at the end of the month.
We managed to get the building super to help us, and he shows us a email he received on the 24th saying that our apartment was "officially" ready to go.  Now we did not sign anything or receive any compensation for vacating early therefore my understanding is that our old apartment managers just illegally entered our unit and "evicted us".  Of course this doesn't surprise me with all the other issues I have had to deal with from them since telling them we were moving.

But after that stress full event (the Hubs is going to follow up this week and I sorta feel like filing something against them, because it's just not right what they did).  We went on a bit of a shopping trip for the new house.  After a trip to Home Outfitters, Target and Ikea we ended up with some pretty fun and much needed stuff for the house.
So much stuff

I can't wait to see it all assembled (it's what the Hubs is doing while I am writing this).

With Canada day right around the corner and us having plans right after work on Monday I used this weekend to make a peach pie to take.

I had a couple dough issues but pie dough has never been my strong suit.  It looks so good I can't wait to cut into it.  I am actually going to make another one on Tuesday for our Canada Day BBQ.  The original recipe can be found here.  I will post my version of it in a little bit.

How was your week, have you had a mix of good and bad also??

Weekly Advice:
Pray. Relax. Let Go and Let God Take Over

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