Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Our first Easter in our home

This week has been a pretty awesome week.  Sure it started out as hell week at work (end of the fiscal year = massive deadlines when you work in research and with the Feds).  But after a couple of harsh days (though I admit less stressful/long then I was actually expecting) the real fun started.

I was lucky enough to "work from home" on Thurs, which sorta translated into less work and more afternoon nap.  Though I did try and be a bit productive during the day, so I thought maybe I would make my first Passover Seder dinner. 

Now I admit that I am not too sure what you are actually suppose to have or avoid for Passover dinner, instead I decided to pick something to make that could possibly become a yearly tradition. 

I have a ton of bones in my freezer so I decided to give homemade Matzo Ball soup a try.  I made it all in the crock pot, and cheated a little with Matzo Ball mix but since it was my first attempt EVER I don't feel overly guilty about it.

I have to say it was pretty tasty, and super easy to make.  After the broth was made (5hrs in the slow cooker) I picked off the chicken, thinly sliced some onions and made the matzo balls.  I had read somewhere not to pack them to tight when your making them so they stay nice and fluffy.  I just put them into the slow cooker and let them cook for an hour.

Probably not a traditional Matzo Ball soup, but I say it was a really tasty first attempt.

Good Friday was a restful day that ended with a super fun date that the Hubs planned at The Keg Manor.  We go to this restaurant every time we want a romantic night out.  Usually we make dinner reservations for around 8pm, but since getting pregnant I can't eat dinner that late as that is usually the time I start longing for my bed. Thankfully the hubs knows this so he made the dinner reservation for 6pm. 

It has been a few months (probably around 5 months) since we have been there and I was so excited to get the Chicken Oscar or the Creole Chicken (which are basically the same thing except the Oscar has seafood mixed in a cream sauce over the chicken and the Creole is seafood with a tomato sauce).  But much to my surprise they had changed ALL of their chicken dishes.  This might not be a big deal to others but since I have a beef allergy my menu options are a limited there (plus I have a food aversion to strong smelling fish).

But our server was able to add an Oscar to a plain chicken for me so in the end I was able to get what I wanted.

mmmm creme brulee my favourite desert
But while I was super excited to go I have to say this time the food and the service was not up to the regular amazingness that we usually get there.  Not only had they changed all the chicken dishes but instead of getting really nice grilled veggies you now get yucky steamed ones (our waitress again was able to fix this for me).  Our service was ok, she did correct both of my "complaints' (I promise I'm not super picky) but I had to flag her down because she never checked on us, and I wasn't able to get a drink refill to about the end of my meal (which was a little crummy).

I admit that this night out was not typical of the Keg manor so we will absolutely be going again for another date night (hopefully before the baby is born).

Easter Sunday had to be my favourite day of the week though.
Not only was this our first Easter in our new home but my oldest and bestest friend and her husband stopped by on their way home from visiting family in Quebec.

K and J not only stopped by to see our home (and us) but also to have a mini baby shower for the baby.  K and J along with K's parents (who while growing up were like a second set of parents to me) spoiled the baby so much with their generosity.

Such a lucky little girl.
After some tears (both cards made me cry, which totally made K laugh) we all headed out for a late lunch, and some trivial pursuit 90's edition.  After we all settled into an Easter dinner (with M joining us for trivial pursuit and dinner).

To help with the stress of hosting a holiday dinner I tried to keep it super simple with baked ham, crockpot  potatoes au gratin and lemon meringue pie (that the Hubs and M made).

Good food, amazing friends and some quality time with the Hubs.  I have to say this was possibly one of my favourite weeks.

She believed she could, so she did. - Unknown

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