Sunday, 26 April 2015

Poutine Fest & Some Bed Rest

It has been a bit of a challenging week for me.  I have been having cramping/pain in my belly, sides and back more frequently this week.  I have been taking it easy and it seems to resolve itself for a while.  But it does seem to come back if I am not just laying around in bed (which at 26 weeks I am not really looking to go on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy).  So I am going to try and mix rest with low activity and hopefully I can still remain a bit active for the last 3 months.

That being said the Hubs and I took advantage of "Poutine Fest" which was this weekend in downtown Ottawa.  It was such a fun time.  I ate crispy chicken poutine and finished it off with a Churro.  To complete the date night the Hubs and I watched the "Avengers" movie to freshen up on the past events and to get ready for the second Avengers movie coming out next weekend.
Excited to be out and getting poutine
The truck I finally settled on; Lou's Fast Food

My crispy chicken poutine.  So yummy and I didn't get any heartburn after.  WooHoo!!

Not a very exciting week since I have spent quite some time in bed with my feet up (yup that's how I currently writing this post).  But hopefully this is just a new symptom and will pass in about a week.  Until then I wonder if I can find an ice cream delivery service (aside from the Hubs).

Choose to be Optimistic.  It Feels Better

**Here are some more bump pics.  The little nugget is getting so big and is moving around a tons (my stomach looks like a alien is trying to get out)
21 weeks
23 weeks

24 weeks
25 weeks
26 weeks

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