Sunday, 19 April 2015

Pancakes, Maple Syrup and some Fresh Air

It was a BEAUTIFUL weekend this weekend in Ottawa.  Originally suppose to be overcast and 12 degrees with maybe rain on Saturday, the day turned into 14 and sunny.  With my parents up visiting for the weekend we decided to take full advantage of the awesome spring weather.

When S tcalled?? about the Fulton's Pancake House and Sugar Bush located about 45mins away from Ottawa I was down for a Saturday trip.  I have done maple syrup tours before (in grade school) but it has been a really long time.  So early in the afternoon on Saturday the Hubs, 'rents and myself loaded into the car and took off for a drive and some maple goodies.
They had goats!!!! Even being snubbed by the goat is better then no goat at all.
The Hubs trying out an Aboriginal resting bed (he said it was pretty comfy)

A little demonstration of some Aboriginal tools used back in the day
The Hubs and myself in another shelter area.  Yup that's a butterfly on my face (I was fancy)

My dad checking out how "comfy" the facilities used to be

It wouldn't have been a trip to a maple syrup farm (is that what they're called?) without ending it with some yummy food.  I ate so much and was ready for a sugar coma to kick in. 

Pancakes and maple baked beans.  SOOOOOOOOO yummy
But we had passed a sign about a fudge store so we decided to take a little detour and pick up some fudge.  Unfortunately Penny's Fudge Factory was closed but the country drive was a lot of fun and I probably didn't need anymore sugar.

 A great way to enjoy the beautiful spring weather, and a visit with the 'rents. Plus I found out my mom had never been to a maple syrup place before.  So 1 check for her bucket list.

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