Sunday, 20 April 2014

My Week Apr. 14-20

Happy Easter to Everyone!!!

My week was a pretty great one.  I had a short week at work and a belated sushi dinner with a friend from work.  It was a great time to go out, eat, chat and just have a fun evening.

For Easter weekend this year we did a super quick flyby to Southern Ontario.  We left Friday morning and came back Saturday evening.  It was really quick but a lot of fun.
The hubs starting the road trip to Southern Ontario
We stopped at the Big Apple to bring a pie with us
These candy apples looked amazing
All these amazing Easter treats.  It was a little sad we were on a budget.
The workers working hard to make the yummy pies.  It was like being at Willy Wonkas
The hubs and the papa hanging out
2 generations
Me and the hubs enjoying some family time
The East egg I painted for the contest.  I WON!!! first year ever (I think I came in 7th - who cares I got bubbles)

The hubs working on his masterpieces (sorry I missed a pic of them) but his egglien won 3 place (little kids won above him.

Our dinner place holders.  Very yummy and festive
The beautiful dinner table set for our yummy turkey dinner
Our Easter visit was a quick one, but the drive back the next day way beautiful
The hubs and I made a stop on the way home in Port Hope for a little Arby's fix.  It has been over 2 years since I have had any.  It was just like I remembered.
 We missed Easter service this year (really tired from our mini roadtrip craziness) but we had a great time together on anyways.

I attempted my first ever lamb roast for dinner tonight.  It was a super yummy "Sunday dinner" can't wait to be making more of these in our new home.

I hope you all had a safe and amazing Easter with your families.

Weekly Thought:

Hope Makes All Things New

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