Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Sping is in the air

I know that we have had a couple nice days, but today I find it cold, windy and dank outside. I drove my scooter to work this morning and my legs and hands (yes I was wearing gloves) were so cold when I got to work that they hurt.  All I could think of was it is after Easter IT IS SUPPOSE TO BE SPRING!!!

Now since it was about 8am and anyone who knows me knows I am NOT a morning I thought maybe, just maybe my little temper tantrum might have less to do with the weather, and more to do with my lack of coffee.  So after drinking some Joe I decided to check out the weather again, and walk down the street to get more coffee (Yup I have a problem).

Well it was still freakin cold outside.  My new Bench fleece jacket (Thank-You lil' sis) was not doing a great job of keeping the chill out.

As I was about to throw another tantrum vocalize my annoyance, I remembered this picture that I took the other day.

Come on little guys grow!!!
 Do you see that??  There are little green sprouts from a potted plant that has been in my apartment since last year sometime.  I think they are tulips (the hubs says that they are) but I really can't remeber.

That little picture removed any notion I had of having a tantrum being displeased and reminded me that even though today might be a little cold, winter is indeed over and the pretty flowers and greenery associated with Spring are fighting their way into bloom.

So if you are a little cold and feeling annoyed like I was today, just remember this long, cold horrible winter really has come to an end, and I have the little sprouts to prove it. 

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