Sunday, 18 May 2014

My Week May 12-18th

This week has been a pretty great week, though it didn't start off that way.
Monday I had to use a sick day from work.  I got almost no sleep that night and was having horrible back pain.  But a little rest and a lot of Epson salt baths and I was as good as new by Weds.

Which was great since Weds was our first beach volleyball game of the season.  I took one ball to the face and tripped and fell a couple times, but I also had a couple great blocks so I am going to call the game a sucess.

The real fun came towards the end of the week though when a bunch of us from work had lunch on Thursday at an all you can eat sushi restaurant. 
My great fortune

We were all guiltiness and it was beautiful.  It did have me bring up the idea of the first ever company wide after lunch nap time.  I'm hoping it will be decided at the next manager meeting.

Saturday I was up at a decent time but skipped the gym in favour of breakfast with the hubs.  Than it was off to the party supply store to grab the last of the supplies need for the bridal shower next weekend, and the pet store for some doggie diapers for our little one.  She is getting up there in age and is starting to have some bladder control issues
After a hard day of getting all the shower decorations, favours and gift basket/present made the hubs and I went out to a nice romatic dinner at Red Lobster (thank you poppa H for the gift card)

Sunday was a pretty busy day also, I spent the day baking.  Not a bad past time but a long one when our oven is small so I can only make one loaf of bread at a time.  I ended up making a English Muffin bread, Cheesy biscuit bread and some Cinnamon Swirl bread (for my works potluck on Tuesday).

I have to say that while I love being active on the weekends and the accomplishment that is felt after a day of activities I am super happy that tomorrow is a holiday so that I can rest up form all this productivity.   

Weekly Thought:

Stop focusing on how stressed you are, and start focusing on how blessed you are

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