Friday, 2 May 2014


My monthly girls night/craft night was held at my friends house this month so instead of making sangria (my go to alcoholic punch) I decided to make some s'more to take over.

I LOVE s'mores but since I HATE camping I don't really get to enjoy them all that often.  Well I decided that this needs to change.  So I looked around pinetrest and decided to make up my own version of this yummy camping treat.

First you need the all important ingredients: graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate (why mess with the basics if the basics are are so yummy).
Next snap all the graham crackers into squares, line onto a cookie tray and top with a marshmallow.
Place the marshmallow cookies under your broiler and watch really carefully as they go from toasty yummy to burnt very quickly.
Once the marshmallows are all poofy and melty remove from the oven and smoosh the graham cracker on top.
Remove cookies onto a wire rack to cool.  While they are cooling create a double boiler and add the chocolate (or just dump everything into a bowel and microwave).  Stir until all melty, and make sure to test the chocolate a few times.  It's very important for the cook to taste test the chocolate to guarantee no poison :)

Once the chocolate is all melted comes the best part, dip half the cookie into the chocolate using a spatula to help push the chocolate up the cookie.  If your notice your top cookie isn't sticking to the marshmallow you can add a smear of chocolate "glue" before you do your dip. 

Shake off the excess and lay the cookie onto wax paper to harden (I put it into the freezer to speed it up)
And that's it, from start to finish it took me about 40 mins to make them. They were a BIG hit at girls night, I might have to make them again soon.
Side note, I would normally use semi-sweet chocolate chips, or a dark chocolate to make these but Easter was just the other week so all the Easter candy was on sale and the solid milk chocolate bunnies were 50% off ($1.50 each).  I couldn't turn up a deal like that.  Even with the extra sweetness from the milk chocolate, I didn't find them over powering sweet. 

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