Sunday, 20 July 2014

A mix of emotions and laziness

Wow this week has been one for the books.  I think I have seriously felt every emotion that one can feel.  It is now Sunday night and I am so tired and I'm not sure if it was from the great day I had today or just an emotional burn out of this week.

Since I was still feeling the effects of my last two busy weekends it was a heavy coffee and candy week at work.  Fortunately on a walk with a coworker I found that my work is not all that far from Sugar Mountain (this could be a bad thing)

I LOVE the coffee sleeve my lil sis made me.  It makes me smile
After struggling though my week with both the good (got to help celebrate a friends birthday) and the bad (acupuncture and a doctor appointment) it was the blissful weekend which I had planned out for a super lazy "No Pants" Saturday. 

The Hubs and I bought a new 50' TV Friday night and on Saturday while I was away getting a massage he thoughtfully set it all up for my pantsless day.  After all his hard work he had a mini road trip with a couple of our friends leaving me to hangout and veg out all on my own. 
A little work reading since I slacked all week, and hey I'm outside
Where I was able to breakout my brand new Acti fryer (a housewarming present from the rents).  

I was really excited to use it and it made super yummy fries.  It only took a little longer than the traditional oven method and they taste just like deep fried fries.  mmmmmmmmmm the fat kid inside me is very happy. 
Yup I ate them ALL, and they were great
But as my luck has been going this week with the good comes the bad, and I couldn't get the TV to stream or connect to my computer.  After becoming super frustrated and almost crying (seriously I might just need a bit of a vacation) I decided to throw my towel in and watch my shows on my computer. 

The poor Hubs got a couple cranky calls from me about things not working out and since he was 1.5hrs away there wasn't a whole lot that he could do about it. 

I had been planning on going to church all week but when Sunday morning rolled around and my alarm went off get up for church time turned into cuddle time.  The Hubs and I laid in bed all morning and just cuddled it was great and just what I needed to turn my crummy week around.  Plus I figure God would understand and be ok with me skipping church for cuddle time.

After getting up and running a quick errand in the morning the Hubs and I had a great Sunday complete with our first (of many) "Family Dinner".  Since we don't have any family here in Ottawa a few of our friends came to help us eat and have a fun time.
A great end to a great day.

It was a great time and I really enjoyed family dinner.
Sunday was the perfect day that I needed to turn around my week.

How was your week?  Did you have a mix of emotions also?

Weekly Thought:
Before something great happens, everything falls apart. - Unknown

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