Thursday, 17 July 2014

Two become One

Wow it has been a bit of a crazy week.  We had our housewarming party last weekend and this week I have been getting ready to make the 6hour drive to Orangeville one last time to standup beside my friend when she says her vows.

It was a short week at work where I tried to cram in enough work in only 4 days.  Then after work I had running around to do (picking up my dress, finishing touches for the present etc).

But on Thursday I left Ottawa after work and made it to Orangeville by 12:30am.

On my regular halfway stop I texted the Hubs (he wasn't able to get the time off work so he had to stay in Ottawa) to tell him the ride was going well.  At which point he told be I forgot the present at home.

After a short visit with K it was off to bed I go for a fun filled day of pedicures, swimming and fun girly time the day before the wedding.

Ahhhhh it was so nice having my feet rubbed

Pretty toes


The very happy soon to be Mr and Mrs

Once the big day arrived it was a lot of fun getting our hair and makeup done and just relaxing.
Me and the very talented makeup artist who was super cool, cause we have the same birthday

The blushing bride
A bridesmaid getting all fancy

Me all fancied up
 K and J walked down the aisle and professed their love in front of God and their friends and family.  It was a lovely ceremony.

But onto the best part.....the Party

The very happy groom

The bouquet toss was a little crazy

Add caption

The cupcakes were very yummy

Me and the bride right before it was go time.
 It was a crazy busy week and I am very tired from all the excitement.  However I have a relatively calm week ahead with a relaxing day planed for Saturday and my first "family" dinner being made on Sunday.

I am happy for the couple and hope they have a lifetime of happiness and joy.

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