Wednesday, 23 July 2014

July TopBox

Every month I get a little surprise in the mail.  It's my monthly Topbox. 
Topbox is a monthly beauty service that delivers " luxe box of beauty samples for you to try out in the comfort of your home."
For about $15/month I get to try out about 5 sample and quite often full size products.  I have been signed up for a little less than a year and I LOVE getting my little present every month.

For anyone who is interested in checking out what they are all about go to Topbox

This month I got some great products:
**I didn't receive an insert this month with the product descriptions and purchases prices so unfortunately this month I will only have my review and if I would purchase and not the price or what TopBox says about the product**

LA Splash Nail Polish - Foolish:

What I Say:
I love nail polish. I always feel very fancy and done when my nails are done. So I am always looking for good polishes. This was a good polish (and I got the full size this month), it had great coverage and with my soft nails I had a couple days before I started noticing chips. I would however get it in a neutral or dark shade.

Would I buy: Yes but in a different colour.

Instain -Swiss Dot
What I say:
I am pretty pale so I always wear blush. My lazy makeup day consist of powder, mascara and some blush.  So I was a bit excited to try this out but this colour was too dark for me and I had a hard time blending it. 

Would I buy: No

Bioderma Moisturizing Stick
What I say:
I love chapstick, I rarely wear lipstick or gloss but I have a chapstick in every purse I own. So when I saw this full size "sample" I was really excited. I was not disappointed in this product.  It makes my lips so smooth and has a very faint berry smell/taste. 

Would I buy: Yes as long as it is under $10 it is totally worth it.

Clinique All About Eyes
What I say:
I am a little on the fence about eye creams.  I feel like I should be using them since I am pass my 20s but from the samples I have gotten before I have not noticed a difference that would warrant me spending money on a full size version.  I was a bit excited to try this out and of course you use it first thing in the morning (when I am all sleepy and a klutz) so of course I knocked it off the counter and spilled the container.  I do have a little left to try out but it's not the fairest review.  I have liked the light feeling of the cream, but since I don't have much I am not sure if it would improve my skin after continuous use.

Would I buy: Not too sure, I'm hoping for another sample to try.

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