Sunday, 27 July 2014

An Almost Perfect Summer Weekend

This has been a pretty great week, ending with an almost perfect summer weekend. 

It feels like after all of my events I have finally gotten back into my regular work week routine.  I usually try to work 9 hour days Monday to Thursday so I can reach my regular hours by lunch time on Friday.  This allows me to have an afternoon all to myself. 

Which I usually shamelessly spend eating take-out sushi and watching reality TV that makes the Hubs cringe.  Unfortunately in the last couple of months I have had more important obligations that have prevented me from having selfish time. 

But that all changed this week when I was able to cap out my hours by 1:30pm.  So it was out of work and a quick stop at Naked Fish Sushi in Westboro before I settled in to a couple of hours of blissful relaxing watching Vanderpump Rules.
Reality TV and Pineterest = a Great afternoon

Hello Nippon Box it's been a LONG time.

Later that night the Hubs surprised me with a Chinese Food dinner and a quick game of Battleblock Theater on the Xbox.  It was possibly the BEST date night in a while.
Best husband Ever, fixed a 3 week craving and made a great date night
Saturday morning involved a lot of snuggle time and then when I finally dragged my lazy tushie out of bed it was off to the mall for a hair cut and some much over due clothing shopping. 

Katarina from Ravello Salon is great

After shopping I came home to the Hubs saying we needed to head out to Home Hardware so he can get some supplies.  I was a little tired but into the car I went.  We ended up using a couple of the gift cards that we got at the housewarming, and the Hubs built me a ramp so I can drive my scooter right onto the back deck.
My super awesome new ramp.  Plus now marsh can get up and down
On Sunday we finally made it to church after being gone for at least a month.  It was a good service and it felt nice to be back.  Afterwards we just laid around until Family Dinner.

We had our second Family Dinner, and since M is moving he offered us his dinning room table, which we grabbed up. 
The boys all ready to eat (the chairs are coming next week)
The Hubs makes possibly the BEST fish tacos

Fish tacos and a new table, I am going to say that our second Family Dinner was a success.  I am already planning what we will have next week.

The last couple of weeks things have been going great, I can't wait to see what next week brings.

How was your week? Are you having a great week also?

Weekly Thought:

Believe in yourself, dream, try.  Do Good – Mr. Feeny

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