Thursday, 10 July 2014

Happy Canada Day!!!!

Happy Birthday Canada!!!! (July 1st)

I LOVE being a Canadian.  I love everything about it (except maybe the freezing cold winters) so that makes Canada Day a pretty big deal to me.

The hubs and I always try and do something on Canada Day, and with our new house complete with a backyard the Hubs decided that this year we should celebrate in true Canadian form, with a BBQ.

 I started the day off by relaxing on our deck, reading and drinking a tea.  It was the perfect start to Canada Day.
Such a beautiful way to spend my morning.
In true Canadian form we celebrated with a BBQ and some friends.  Now there wasn't any Tim Hortons present but I think we represented our Country anyways. 

Trying to cook 30+ sausages on our tiny grill was a challenge for the Hubs.
The hubs cooked up sausages and we all just hung-out outside and enjoyed the great weather, good friendship and yummy food.
It was an amazing day, relaxing and spent with friends.  A day that I think properly represents the Canadian Attitude that we seem to be loosing.  "Friendship, great times, and generosity"

How did you spend Canada Day?

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