Thursday, 13 March 2014

Cold, Snow and more Cold...

It seems like it has been an unusually cold winter here in the capital.  It seemed like most days the temperature was -20 (or more) with the wind chill.  For anyone who doesn't know I HATE THE COLD.  No really I hate it with every fibre of my being.  I would actually move to San Francisco or Seattle if I could just for the weather. 

Than a for a couple days this week it was feeling a bit warmer, more like spring.  I put away my parka and opted for a pea style coat (that my rocking lil' sis gave me a couple months ago).  It was a beautiful reprieve from a winter where I am pretty sure I haven't felt my toes.

Than it happened.........the snow storm.  We all knew it was going to happen.  The news had been talking about this storm for days so I was expecting the 5-10cms we were predicted to get. 

That was not 5-10cms
The storm wasn't too bad (but lots of blowing snow, wind, and of course cold), but since I was working in Quebec (right across the boarder here in Ottawa) I just took the bus home at 4:30pm  and made it home in standard time.  The hubs however was not so lucky.  He left his work at 5:00pm and didn't get home until 6:15pm.  The roads were a mess. 

We skipped the gym last night and just stayed in watching TV and drinking tea (not a bad night at all). 

Than the hubs drops me off at the bus station this morning (I'm headed back over the border again for work), I  step out of the car and holly @#*! what is that crazy temperature.  Nowhere in the many, many weather reports that I heard forecasting the storm did I hear anything about the -30 (with the windchill) temperature!!!

Snow and cold, pretty much my environment since November.

I stood outside for 10 mins waiting for the bus and it took good 45mins for my toes to warm up once I got on site for work. 

I checked the weather forecast and it looks like another couple weeks of chilly temps and more snow, so it looks like I won't be putting away my parka just yet.

How are you dealing with the coldness of this winter?   What are you going to do once the weather gets warmer?

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