Sunday, 30 March 2014

My Week (Mar. 24-30)

This week has been a little crazed for me.  I have been wrapping up stuff at work so that was really my main focus. However it is never healthy to purely focus on work so I did try and squeeze in some fun time.

I swung by Micheal's on Friday to get my contribution for craft night (gold and silver paint sharpie pens).  While I was there I checked out the flower section so I could update my "winter" vase with something a little more spring like.  Well all the spring flowers were 40% off and I had a 20% off coupon that also worked on sale items also.  That was a deal too good to turn up.  So I grabbed a bunch.  I couldn't stop there though, I went and checked out the decorative vases and picked up a pretty blue one for 60% off (40% off sale and my 20% coupon).   

I worked on Saturday to help meet deadline but I also had my craft night, so the lil sis met me at work at 430 to pick me up and take me back home so I could skip the bus ride (the hubs needed the car so that he could get out of the house for craft night).  So to thank her I treated her to dinner.  We tried out a sushi place that has undergone some renovations and now you order with an iPad.  It was pretty cool, but I prefer my regular place.

The lil sis ordering on the fancy ipdad
The lil sis enjoying the first of the food to arrive
So much good food it, I was very stuffed when we left
Than it was off to craft night/girls night where everyone had a great time sitting around chatting and making sparkly galsses.
I had to 'try out' my new sparkle glass.  Sorry it's a really bad picture the glass looks much cutier in person. 
 On Sunday the hubs and I had a date day with lunch at The Flying Banzini. A FABULOUS sandwich and cheesecake place in Ottawa.  I will be doing a separate post on the restaurant but if you live in the Ottawa area head over to the Westboro/Hintonburg area and grab some grub.  You will not be disappointed.  
The hubs getting ready to enjoy his pulled beef with provolone on a soft bun.
After our great tasting lunch we headed out to a couple open houses and met up with our Realtor to look at a few more.  Grabbed some groceries where I just had to pick up some gorgeous orange and yellow tulips.  Hey maybe if I buy them Mother Nature will finally get the message that it's spring out and stop with the snow storms.
Now it feels like spring (if you ignore the snow)
The great 7cms of snow that we got last night. 

That was my week, crazy busy at work but I was still able to make a little time for fun.
How was your week? What do you like to do if you are trying to fit in some "fun" time?

This weeks message:

You cannot control the wind, but you can direct the sail. 


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