Sunday, 9 March 2014

DIY - Coconut Hair Mask

My  coconut oil  hair mask experience:
I have been noticing lately that my hair has been less than silky soft. I blame the insanely cold winter that we have had in Ottawa, and the fact that it seems like it's never going to end.
So one night while reading a bunch of my favourite blogs (and messing on pinterest I like to multitask) I came across a post that said to use coconut oil as a mask for your hair.

Seemed easy enough and I just happened to have some coconut oil in my cupboard. The instructions said to put it on your hair and leave it for a couple hours. So i melted some down, dipped my ends in, and tired it up on my head for 1.5hrs.
The good part was my hair smelled FABULOUS. After an 1.5hrs (I had plans Saturday night and couldn't leave it on any longer. Plus 1.5hrs is almost a couple hours right?) into the shower I go to wash off the oil and to be amazed with how beautiful my hair is afterwards.
Well what the article didn't seem to tell me is that coconut oil is VERY hard to wash out. So after a good scrub and a blow-dry I find out my hair is still all coated in oil (but it does still smell great). Since I was running behind and I didn't have time for another shower I just pulled my hair back into a bun and used baby powder on my scalp and bangs to "hide" the greasiness of the oil. Well that worked for about 5 mins than my hair looked like I hadn't washed it for over a week. Thankfully my friends that I was meeting didn't hold it against me.
So the next day I jump into the shower again and use a TON of shampoo to wash out my hair. This time I got all the coconut oil out but after blow-drying my hair it doesn't feel all silky soft, it actually feels a little dryer.
So the point of this very long post is 2 days later, and a handful of soap I have learned that the coconut oil mask for my hair didn't make it silky smooth and was a real pain to get out.

Has anyone out there had better luck with a coconut oil hair mask? Did I miss a step when doing it?

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