Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Healthy Gummies

The hubs and I are really trying to make the changes for a healtheir lifestyle.  We try to go to the gym 3 times a week (hasn't happened yet but it's a goal), we play volleyball once a week and we are trying (sometimes harder than others) to stop eating so much unhealthy food.

That last part seems to be the hardest for me.  I am a junk food addict.  I LOVE junk food, chips, ice cream, takeout, candy, chocolate and on and on.  So to help with our healthy resolve (and to not have me in the kitchen at 2am eating raw cookie dough in a fit of passion) I try to find healthy versions of some of the foods that I like.

This past weekend I decided to try and make "Homemade Healthy Fruit Snacks".  All the recipe calls for is some fruit (fresh or frozen), honey or agave syrup and gelatin. 
So I picked up some gelatin while grocery shopping and decided to give it a whirl.
(Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the processes, I'm still new at this blogging thing)
The final yumminess.
They weren't too bad, and I love that I can eat a bunch and not feel guilty at all.  I do have a couple "tips" though:
1- Don't use raspberries.  I used them and now there are a ton of seeds in them.  If you do use raspberries I highly recommend that you strain them so that you avoid the seeds.
2- The recipe calls for 5 TBS of gelatin but I only had 4 (that's what came in the box) and they turned out good.
3- Use a smaller dish than the recipe calls for.  I used the 8x8 dish and my gummies are a little thin.
4- Adding a little bit of fruit extract would punch up the flavor a lot.  The raspberry flavour became a little muted once it was totally set.  However even without it, they are still yummy. 

These were super easy to make and are totally worth the annoyance of dealing with gelatin (I ended up re-blending mine since I had little gelatin lumps, worked perfect).  I think keeping some on hand will have to be a must from now on.

Check out the original recipe Healthy Fruit Snacks and try your hand at making some.

What flavour combinations do you think would make a great gummy?

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