Sunday, 16 March 2014

My Week (a recap)

It has been a pretty awesome week this week.  The blog has been up and running for a week now and while I am still working out the kinks and know-hows associated with blogging I am liking the journey. 

One of the things that I really want to get into the habit of doing each week on this blog is to do a recap of my week.  I'm sure that some weeks the posts will be a little sparse and other weeks there will be lots of things to post.  At the end of my weekly recap post I want to try and add a message/quote at the end.  Something that I have seen that spoke to me.

So here is my maiden attempt at a weekly recap (this one will be a little longer since I wanted to include my previous weekend before the blog was started):

Last Friday (March 7th) the hubs and I had a mini date night in complete with homemade pizza.  Since we have VASTLY different tastes when it comes to pizza we both made our own.  I was even able to make some pizza dough from scratch.  Thank you mom and dad for letting me steal borrow your bread maker.

My pizza half regular pepperoni half olive oil and pesto.  Yum Yum

The hubs pizza, spicy all the way with spicy BBQ sauce, hot peppers and pepperoni.
The next night while the hubs was working at our church I went over to our friends C and M's house to see their new baby, have dinner and catch up.  Since I can't go over to anyone's house for dinner without bringing something I brought my fallback dessert, easy custard pie.  I always have all the ingredients needed in the house and you whip it up in a blender.  What could be easier?  To check out the recipe  click here 

Yumm super easy to boot.  Could be the perfect desert.
Sunday was a bit of a lazy day I missed church service in the morning but was able to make a birthday brunch with a friend who couldn't make it out to my festivities the weekend before.

MMMMM coffee my life's blood. 

A great birthday breakfast with M
 After a great weekend of friends and food it was off to work.  Since I was going to be onsite for my work and therefore not able to make coffee I got an opportunity to use the coffee sleeves that my baby sis made for  me for my birthday.  And they worked great.

I LOVE the bright colour just what I need to brighten up my morning.
Of course on Friday the hubs surprised me with an amazing date night at the Keg.  I won't go into the details again but you can read all about it on my previous post.

I am such a lucky girl.
Saturday was a pretty great day with a massage and a much needed haircut.  I was getting a little bored with the same old style so my AMAZING stylist Katarina mixed things up a little with a new bang.

I love it. 
And that was my week.  It was a week that had ups and downs (spilling my coffee Friday morning while freezing my tushie off was definitely a down).  But I had more goods than bads and in the end that's what counts. 
I hope everyone else had a mostly good week.

This weeks message: You Matter - always remember that.

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  1. Let's hear about the awesome fruit snacks Hubs raved about!!!!