Sunday, 23 March 2014

My Week (March 16-22)

My week this week has been a mix of good (presents, shopping and girl time) and not so good (sick, blah).  But since the good has definitely out ranks the bad I am going to say my week has been a great one.
I was sick this week unfortunately I woke up on Tuesday with a killer headache and all congested.  I had been feeling a little off for the last few days/week, but Tuesday was the worse day.  I called in sick and spent the whole day on the couch drinking tea.

A little "me" time was needed this week.  So I took sometime for myself and gave myself a gel manicure.  I have really soft nails so I LOVE the gel polish.  It stays on for a couple weeks and I can play my sports, or just abuse my hands and my nails always looks shiny and pretty.  But at $20 for a salon version that is just too steep for my wallet so I was so happy when they started releasing at home versions.  Right now I only have 1 colour (purple) but I am trying to find a dark grey to add to my collection (Sally's perhaps??)

The hubs had a work event to go to this week, and while he was schmoozing with the big guys I was left to fend for myself.  And while I make him soup each week and I make some sort of meat dish or casserole for us to munch on all week, if left on my own, I am hands down the laziest cook on the planet.  But I was able to break out of that cycle a little and made some healthy coconut chocolate balls.  They were pretty yummy. 

 Friday was a bit of a long day for the hubs and myself.  After working all day we went with our realtor and saw 3 houses (in 1.5hrs).  It was a little crazy but we both really liked the first house we saw.  Not sure what our next steps will be but I will keep you posted.  Sorry no pics of the house but after a long day we used a Christmas present that the lil' sis and her lovely got us and went to the movies.

It was a great movie and seeing it in 3D was pretty awesome.  And just for a little added bonus my earrings that I ordered off Etsy for my birthday arrived.  They are my first pair of rose gold and I am absolutely loving them. 

Saturday was both good and bad for me.  I had a fabulous afternoon with B we had burgers and went thrift store shopping.  Where I was able to find 2 great sweaters, a pot for my aloe plant, mirror to store stuff on, ties for the hubs and more.  It was also a little sucky since I went into the office for a couple hours.  But at end of year with all the crazy deadlines everyone has to dig in a little harder.  All-in-all though the shopping more than made up for the 4 hours at the office. 

Which brings us to the end of my week Sunday.  I was heading into work again for a few hours (only 1 more week till fiscal is over, yay!!!) and since I am married to an AMAZING hubs, he made me a great breakfast to fill me up before sending me off to the office.
Work was all discombobulating (especially with it being Sunday) and it wasn't going as smoothly as I would have liked (it's possible the gods were mad I was working on their day) but it all turned around when I was able to move my Thursday sushi dinner with V to tonight.  We met up, ate our fill and had great girl chat.  It was a fun way to finish off my week.

That was my week, how was yours?  Did you also have a mix of good and bad??

Weekly thought: 
Love your enemies. It makes them so damned mad - P.D. East

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