Sunday, 30 March 2014

Girls Night In/Craft Night

My second Girls Night/Craft Night was a great success.  It all started last month when I figured out that I was only seeing some friends maybe once a month, and that I was always going out for dinner to hangout with them.  That gets really expensive and is just a bad idea if you are trying to live on a budget and save money.   

I was reading a blog where she said that her and her girlfriends used to do Margarita Friday's but with getting married and having kids they had switched to monthly craft nights.  I thought this was a GREAT thing.  I have a TON few crafts that I have saved on Pinterest so I thought I would steal borrow the idea and start doing a monthly craft night also.
Everyone hard at work. 

How I work it is that everyone brings their component to the craft, a part of the supplies needed and a food item.  I added the food item 'cause who doesn't want to eat/drink while hanging out with the girls.  Everyone gets to have a blast and the cost stays less than $10.

That brings us to my Saturday night.  This month I really wanted to try this post for DIY Glitter Wine Glasses so that was my bases of craft night.  So I sent out the evites and invited everyone to make sparkly glassware. And it was a success!!!

Everyone said they had a great time, and we really spent more time sitting around the living room chatting about life and stuff than we did actually making the craft.  And really that was always my goal of the monthly craft nights.
Taking a break to smile.
 I can't wait to see what we do next month, and who is able to show up.
Do you have any monthly get togethers that you try and do? 

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