Friday, 28 March 2014

Fiscal, the end is near...

It is now the last few days of the fiscal year 2013/2014.  I only have about 2 more days of craziness at work.  But it feels like 2 very long days away.  I think I had forgotten how crummy it is working with a large deadline, and this one is not nearly as crazy as last years.

However that being said it has still been a little rougher than a normal week.  I am working approximately 44 hour weeks leading up to March 31, and last night my normal 9 hour days have flipped over to 12 hour days.  Now I will admit that the switch over to 12 hour days is my own choice, but I know how much work needs to be done before the 31st and so I can't justify working normal hours.

With all this extra work  I have been extra a little more touchy, and the hubs has been extra awesome.  He has been making the dinners so I can just come home and sit around and relax.  And when I am extra cranky he does everything he can to make me laugh.  All of this is something that he never gets proper recognition for and more often he gets the brunt of my annoyance.  I do really appreciate all that he does and it makes me really grateful to have such a great partner in life. 

The bright side is that fiscal is only 2 days away and after a day at the office on Saturday I have a fun girls craft night Saturday night and a couple days off to do my nails and just be lazy.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel and with a couple more cups of coffee I will be able to reach that light.

As the end draws near this is what a typical day for me looks like.  This is how I make it through deadlines.

Do you have crazy deadlines at work? What do you do to make it through them sane?

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