Saturday, 15 March 2014

Fabulous Surprise Date Night

My Friday started out rough. I woke up with a killer headache which I seriously considered calling in sick to work  got up and pushed through my morning.  Than while waiting at the bus stop to take me over the border (to Quebec) I knocked my coffee over while struggling with my bags.

That just seemed to be the foreshadowing for my day.  However at the end of the work day I was back at my office in Ottawa so the hubs swung by the office and picked me up. Where he told me he had made reservations for tonight at 8pm at the Keg Manor.  Of course this is after a full-on crummy day so let's just say I was less than enthusiastic about the plans.  All I wanted to do was put on sweatpants and spend the night watching bad reality TV.

But I got all dressed up and headed out for dinner.  And I have to admit it was EXACTLY what was needed to turn my day around.

A perfect romantic surprise
We were sat in this little room upstairs that only had a couple other tables (nice, quite and romantic) where we were able to just let the stress of the day melt away.

We decided to share an appetizer (since I was getting the creme brulee desert I needed to save some room).  We both agreed that the baked brie was the perfect choice to start off our meal. 

Sooooo yummy
The cheese came out really quickly which we were very thankful for since it was about 8:15pm and neither of us had eaten since lunchtime.  The cheese was AMAZING!!!  It was all melty on top but the middle was warm and still solid so you could spread it no problems.  It came with a pesto and a red pepper jelly and I loved them both.  If my spilling the coffee and headache in the morning as the foreshadowing of how my day was going to go, then this brie was a foreshadowing for how our night was going to go.......fabulous!

The hubs ordered a giant steak (and like a trooper ate it all), and after the advice of our waiter I ordered a creole chicken which had scallops and shrimp on top in a yummy tomato sauce.
The hub's giant steak
My amazing chicken with shrimp and scallops

The dinner was so good and we both ate it all up (much to our tummy's amazement).  But I just had to have the creme brulee to finish it off.  Creme brulee has to be one of my ultimate favourite deserts.  There is just nothing that I don't like about it, the crispy caramelized sugar top, breaking through it to get to the smooth warm vanilla custard.  Ugh it's just the best desert around.  And the Keg's version did not disappoint at all.   

Absolutely perfect

Dinner was amazing, the conversation was great and it was a perfect way to turn around a day that was otherwise a little gloomy. 

Look how handsome he is.

I felt like the luckiest wife by the end of the night to be married to such a great man that put together this dinner date just to turn around my night. 

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